Welcome to Fearnley Offshore – The Leading Rig Broker

Offshore brokerage and advisory services have been part of Astrup Fearnley since 1973, when Fearnshore was established, later re-named Fearnley Offshore. In 2002 the company was split into Fearnley Offshore – dedicated to drilling, accommodation and floating production, and Fearnley Offshore Supply – dedicated to OSV and mono-hull subsea work and construction.

Fearnley Offshore strives to be in the forefront of our markets, with a solid client base of offshore contractors, oil companies, and construction yards. Using our proprietary data-base we can provide in-depth market analysis and see coming market trends before they become obvious. This to allow our clients to plan and budget future programs and investments, with up to a 3 to 5 year horizon.

We also assist our clients in the sale and purchase of second-hand drilling and production units, employment chartering contracts, and new construction of such units.

We pride ourselves with a high degree of professionalism, combined with integrity and compliance to the highest standards of corporate governance. Due to the often confidential nature of our work we cannot openly comment on our work and clients. Suffice to say, we enjoy an enviable portion of “Return Customers” amongst the leading companies in our industry. And we are ready to provide our services for new clients, so please contact us.



Rolf Bjørne, CEO